Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

A brighter smile is among the simplest and affordable procedures to make an individual more satisfied with their overall appearance!!!! Many patients experience discoloration as a result of drinking coffee and wine, smoking, poor oral hygiene, and generalized aging.

We have three available options to lighten your teeth:

  1. Opalescence Xtra Boost: This procedure occurs in-office and requires approximately 2 hours of the patient’s time. We have seen results of at least two shade jumps and we supplement this with a take home kit to be certain that you are satisfied with your results.
  2. Opalescence TresWhite: This is a take home system that includes a pre-fabricated one size fits all bleaching tray that you can wear twice daily. This type of bleach is ideal for the commuter as it takes only a half of an hour up to twice daily to achieve your tooth whitening result. For a very reasonable cost, you receive 10 sets of upper and lower trays and the results have been unbelievable!!!
  3. Opalescence Night-time wear: This system works extremely well if you are concerned that “time” is of concern. We take impressions/molds of your teeth in a 15 minute office visit and fabricate custom trays for you which are worn while you sleep! We provide you with bleach that is placed in the trays for up to 8 nights of bleaching. Most patients are satisfied after 4-5 treatments. The bonus to this type of bleaching is that you can use your trays for a single night “touch-up” at your whim and can purchase tubes of bleach to maintain your preferred shade at your routine dental appointments.
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