Mouth Guard

Grinding Guards and Sports Guards

These are appliances that are worn over your teeth that safeguard teeth from grinding or clenching as well as trauma from sports.

Night Guards

Custom fitted appliance that assists in decreasing wear and tear on teeth as a result of night time clenching or grinding. A similar result can occur for individuals who clench/grind during the day. This can be worn day or night or both dependent on the patient. This appliance is fabricated from impressions of your teeth and the end result is limited damage to the teeth as a result of night or day time clenching or grinding. This type of guard also is known to decrease signs of TMJ discomfort or overuse of the TMJ muscles as a result of clenching or grinding. Our office uses a local laboratory to fabricate this appliance. We can have the guard to you in less than one week!

A less expensive guard that is also custom made for you from impressions and made by our assistants works quite well for those patients who are clenchers only. This is significantly smaller than the laboratory fabricated guard but has worked well for our clencher patients. This is reasonably priced to cover the cost of materials and the staff\’92s time.

Sports Guards

Highly recommended for those involved in athletic activities including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball , wrestling and other sports.

Available in any dental aisle as a boil and fit procedure. This is a super cost-effective option and can most definitely protect the teeth in the event of trauma.

A custom fitted guard can be fabricated following dental impressions in our office. This option provides for the best fit and comfort level. Along with that, the cost increases but the receptiveness to wear does as well.

Ask Dr. Loper or her staff about which option is best for you!

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