Dental X-Rays

Oral X-Rays

Dental radiographs are an invaluable tool in assessing the condition of your teeth and jaws. The radiographs are used in addition to our intraoral exam to view areas not visible otherwise.

We are able to evaluate the areas of your teeth where the floss snaps through, the tip of your roots, your jaw bone which holds the teeth in place as well as evaluate for abscesses, infections and jaw tumors. We are also able to see defects, fractures as well as evaluation for misshaped, impacted or missing teeth.

Keeping Exposure Risk Low: We are a completely digital radiographic office which means that we have decreased the amount of exposure by more than 20%. What this also means is that your radiographic image is now an electronic file and accessible in your dental record on our office computers. This also creates an easy way for us to forward radiographs to you, an insurance company or if we need to forward your radiographic information to a dental specialist. It is at our fingertips with the push of a button! Please be advised that the use of lead aprons and thyroid collars are still used during your radiograph taking.

Frequency of Radiographs: The types and frequency of X-rays is based on each individual’s dentition. We standardly take four X-rays one time per year, however, if you have had numerous dental procedures, it is our preference to take a full set of X-rays called a full mouth series once every 5 to 7 years. We supplement this annually with X-rays of both your back and front teeth as we have on numerous occasions been surprised at how quickly changes can occur silently on your teeth! We have a digital panoramic X-ray machine. What this machine does is evaluate the entire upper and lower jaws as well as sinus and TMJ areas. This X-ray is valuable in children, ages 6 – 8, to determine if they are missing any adult teeth. We also can use this machine to determine presence and need for removal of wisdom teeth. This radiograph can also show jaw tumors and fractures. We can also use this Panoramic machine to take routine X-rays on our very young patients as well as any adults have an aggressive gag reflex.

If it is your preference to not have dental radiographs as part of your dental exam, we require that you sign acknowledging the risk of missing undetected dental conditions.

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