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Dr. Darlyne M. Loper, D.M.D.

Darlyne M. Loper, D.M.D. DentistDr. Loper grew up in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania. At a young age, she decided that she wanted to become a dentist. This decision came as a result of the phenomenal care that she received as an adolescent from both her general dentist as well as her orthodontist. She had a “dentist’s nightmare” as a child. Baby teeth wouldn’t fall out, allowing for “shark’s teeth rows” and then the ever famous “buck teeth” came as well as cavities. Her smile still shows the kind hands and skills of her Pennsylvania dental care. She attended Gannon University in Erie, PA and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology while playing nationally ranked Division II Volleyball for the Knights. She then continued on her path to become a dentist at the University of Pittsburgh. She received awards in Pathology at commencement as well as completing two fellowships in Oral Oncology during her dental training. She received her Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) degree in 1991. Dr. Loper completed a one year General Practice Residency at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She values her training there as well as the opportunity to meet not only recent discharges from the Desert Storm , but veterans from Vietnam, Korea, World War II and even one World War I veteran. This was more informing than the dental training at times. Doctor Loper then worked for two years in the Ann Arbor area as a dentist while waiting for her husband to graduate as an orthodontist. After little deliberating, it was decided to move to Colorado. The sunshine and outdoor activities were the main draw. Dr. Loper dreamed of owning her own practice and was pulled to a small mom/pop practice in Littleton. In 1995, she purchased the practice and has been successful in adding to her dental family over the last 20 years. She truly loves the small town feel of downtown Littleton and has acquired what she feels are “the most unique patients in the world”.

Dr. Loper is married and lives with her orthodontist husband, Voytek and daughter, Olivia in Littleton. Her hobbies include road bicycling, snowboarding, World and U.S. travel, reading and spending time with family. She also has a passion for photography. Dr. Loper is involved in community activities, including snow shoveling for the elderly as well as the Metro Denver Dental Society, the Colorado Dental Association and the American Dental Association. She continually updates her dental knowledge by attending continuing education classes.

For 20 years, Dr. Loper has been providing quality and reasonably priced dental care in Littleton, CO. Her number one goal is to provide customized dental treatment to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Each patient is treated with a unique approach to allow for the best dental experience possible. Our guidelines are created by you!!! Dr. Loper’s office has grown exponentially and this is mostly due to the kind referrals of her existing patients.

Dr. Loper has chosen staff to complement her style and as a result of this is certain to provide you with superb dental service. The entire staff looks forward to accommodating the dental needs of every person that walks through our door. Hope to meet you soon!!!

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