Nitrous oxide works well for individuals who have a moderate level of fear or anxiety related to dental work. Generally known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide can help alleviate anxiety regarding their dental work, whether it is a cleaning, the injection or a dental procedure.

Laughing gas is really a mild sedative. By breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen you are able to acquire and enjoyable sensation which sometimes includes tingling of the fingers and toes. Patients frequently pay attention to relaxing music of their choice to keep their mind and body relaxed. Nitrous oxide is administered simply by breathing allowing for a pleasant dental experience.

Nitrous oxide works very rapidly and begins to calm the patient within 3 minutes of administration.

Laughing gas can benefit patients struggling with epilepsy, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cerebrovascular disease as well as anxiety.

Unlike other sedative options, patients who use nitrous oxide don’t require an escort to drive them to and from their dental appointment. Nitrous oxide gas leaves the body rapidly. Actually, the “laughing gas” and it’s effects are gone completely following ten minutes of 100% oxygen.

We happily offer the use of “laughing gas” to all who would benefit from its effects to allow for a more pleasant dental experience.