If you have been informed that you have gum (periodontal) disease, there are many options to treat your condition depending on the severity. The gum issues may be as simple as swollen, bleeding gum called gingivitis, to a more advanced situation that could include loose teeth, odor and inability to reverse the condition, called advanced periodontal disease. A multitude of adults have early to moderate to advanced stages of this dental condition. For many, a simple cleaning solves the problem. For others multiple treatments called scaling and root planing (or a deep cleaning) while numb may be necessary. This treatment is a more aggressive cleaning beneath the gums to remove calculus and tartar build-up. This treatment is generally followed with maintenance cleanings at 3 to 4 month intervals. The most challenging cases will be sent to a local “gum specialist” called a periodontist for treatment to include surgery, bone grafting and/or laser treatments. Once a patient has become stable gum disease wise they return to our office for routine care.

A reminder that true periodontal disease takes years to show up in the mouth. A variety of factors add to the chance for gum disease to appear. Those include smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, lapse in routine dental appointments, crooked teeth as well as some genetic factors including salivary content.

We perform thorough evaluations at all of your cleaning visits which includes pocket probing, recession measurements, mobility observation, radiographic evaluation and intra-oral evaluation. We offer cleanings with both hand instruments and ultrasonic care. Your personal preference is always number one. Let your hygienist know your preference!